Mr. PW’s Leather 2012 Contest Winner Is Announced

From left to right:  Theo Storm Mr PW's Leather 2011, Marc Sherkness-Carcione, Mr PW's Leather 2012, Co-Producer Rudy Benavides Mr. Old Dominion Leather 2006, Co-Producer Justin B. Terry-Smith Mr. Maryland Leather 2010

The Mr. PW’s Leather contest was held on the weekend of Oct 1st in Laurel, MD at the PW’s Sports Bar and Grill. Marc Sherkness Carcione of Laurel, MD from the dc boys of leather was named the award recipient . The Producers of the Mr. PW’s Leather contest are Justin B. Terry-Smith, Mr. Maryland Leather 2010, Rudy Benavides, Mr. Old Dominion Leather 2006.  Carcione will go on the represent the Mr. PW’s Leather title at the (MAL) Mid-Atlantic Leather 2012 contest. . After this year it is the award recipients perogative whether they would like to go to MAL or Mr Maryland Leather in Nov.  The clubs in attendance were COMMAND MC, Centaur MC, Onyx, DC boys of Leather, DCBC, Beltway Bears, Shipmates, Bootblack Brigade, FIST, & Hooker and boys.

The Mr. PW’s Leather Contest for 2013

has been cancelled.

Join us instead at PW's Sports Bar on Friday, October 12, 2012 to celebrate Marc's awesome year as Mr. PW's Leather 2012.